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Benefits of CACFP
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The Importance of CACFP at the Institute of Medicine Presented by Geri Henchy
Geri Henchy, Director of Nutrition Policy and Early Education Programs
Listen in to learn:

Overview of Child and Adult Care Food Program Impact and Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act
Overview of changes being made to strengthen nutrition and wellness in child care settings via the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)
Nutrition Education, Physical Activity, Less Screen Time and New Meal Pattern Requirements
Maximize impact of Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act

Healthy Plates for young Children - How to Serve Them?
  Video Short about the Nutrition and Wellness Tips for Young Children: Provider Handbook for the Child and Adult Care Food Program.
Update on Food and Nutrition Operations: Child Nutrition Programs
  Update about funding for nutrition programs from USDA. Budget signed by the president provides funding for Federal programs through January 15, 2014. Learn more by reading the memo
Senator Klobuchar, A Friend of the CACFP
  At the National CACFP Sponsors Association Conference in September, Senator Amy Klobuchar was awarded the Friend of the CACFP award. She was unable to attend by recorded a personal message for all to view. See the press release and video to learn more.
Government Shutdown and CACFP Information and Links
  What does it mean for the food program with this government shutdown? We have a list of resources and information that is continually updated here. Memos from USDA, articles from around the country. This list is your place for CACFP news.
CACFP Marketing Ideas
  Find examples of CACFP brochures, videos, websites and Facebook pages that sponsors and states have created and distributed to talk about the food program with others. Look through these examples to learn about the program, get inspiration for your own marketing efforts or just see different perspectives nationwide.
You Can Order These For Free for Your Providers! Nutrition & Wellness Tips for Young Children: Provider Handbook for the Child and Adult Care Food Program
  Looking for ways to better engage children with healthy food and physical activity? Well, look no further. You can use the Nutrition and Wellness Tips for Young Children: Provider Handbook for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). This handy manual, with easy-to-use tip sheets, is perfect to help you serve healthy plates and keep children moving. The best part? Order print copies and get them delivered to you completely free! Providers, CACFP Sponsoring Organizations, State Agenci..
A CACFP Training Garden - Community Action of Eastern Iowa
  Community Action of Eastern Iowa gardens every year to train providers and parents about gardening. Introducing them to how plants, veggies or fruit might look before it hits your table or even is made into clothes like cotton! Learn more about this wonderful tool they use for training.
Turning A Parking Lot Into a Garden - The Bay State CCFP Garden Experiment
  Baystate Child and Adult Care Food Program Sponsor, in Massachusetts, started posting pictures of their garden experiment on their Facebook page. ChildCareInfo.com was so excited about it, we thought we'd share their inspiration and the photos here.
ChildCareInfo.com Star - Jodi Merianos from Massachusetts!
  Meet our ChildCareInfo.com Star, a Claims Director at Child Development Health and Nutrition, Inc, Jodi Merianos. Jodi shared with us her role in the CACFP, why the work her agency does is important and what her job is all about. Read about Jodi and congratulate her on a job well done! Also, she tells us about Frushi!

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Celebrating CACFP Week
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Countdown to CACFP Week!
  Countdown to CACFP Week 2014! I participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program, that means....Share it with your parents. Sponsors, might be something fun to share with providers!
CACFP Media Tool Kit from Food Action Research Center (FRAC)
  The communications associate at the Food Research and Action Center put together a Media Toolkit just for us! She gives you suggestions for interview prep, a template Press Release (fill in the blanks) and more.
CACFP Week Coloring Sheet
  A CACFP coloring sheet. The children can color in the CACFP logo and take it home to the parents during CACFP week!
#CACFP Social Media Campaign
  This #CACFP Social Media Campaign enables us to easily spread the Child and Adult Care Food Program word through social media. An easy and efficient way to share what the food program is all about. The guide is for Providers, Sponsors, Advocates, Parents and people who support child nutrition, childhood obesity prevention and food insecurity solutions. Participate in and educate with the #CACFP Social Media Campaign

CACFP Week Ideas - More of Them
  Some ideas to get you going for CACFP Week 2012. The theme is "The CACFP is a WIN WIN WIN for Children, Parents and Providers." Find out more!
The Sponsor Association's CACFP Week 2012 Tools
  TSA has put together some resources for Sponsors to use for CACFP Week 2012. The theme is "The CACFP is a WIN WIN WIN for Children, Parents and Providers." Find out more!
  CACFP Week is the third full week of March every year. This year it falls on the week of March 19th. Share what your agency is going to do or what you would like your agency to do to observe CACFP Week with the CACFP community in this contest and you could win a $100 gift card!
Neat Stuff I Learned From CACFP: Part 3, Recipes for Play
  I learned a lot in that one presentation, I also got to bring home and back to the office all sorts of fun recipes to make for the children and they aren't recipes you eat! Silly Puddy, Face Paint, Finger Paint, Playdough and more.

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CACFP State Sites
You can find your state's specific CACFP information, regulations and trainings here!
CACFP State Home Pages
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