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Great Seeing You This Year!
It was so great seeing all of you at The Child Care Food Program Roundtable conference this year!  I learned so much, as usual, and Minute Menu hopes we were a part of your learning experience.  There were so many great workshops, Minute Menu knows it's hard to choose so here are links to what you missed OR maybe what you attended but would like to refresh your memory.

Samya from Angels Child Care Food program won a gift card after entering the drawing!  Thanks for participating Samya and for telling us a little bit about yourself and Angels Food Program.  Click here to learn more about who makes up the Child and Adult Care Food Program Community.
Minute Menu's CCFP Roundtable Presentations
ChildCareInfo.com, The CACFP and YouAccess and download the powerpoint presentation that gets you familiar with what ChildCareInfo.com has to offer.  It's in the format of a game, use it with your providers for a fun training if you'd like!

Getting Friendly with the Web:  Access the powerpoint and the handout that lists some nifty google-for-nonprofit benefits.

Social Media Presentations
CACFP and Social Media: What and Why, Part 1: This workshop focused on the different types of applications/channels (such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc) and why these would be helpful for the CACFP and your agencies.  
CACFP and Social Media: How, Part 2:  This workshop was all about making the plan and then learning how to execute the messaging, focusing the difference between a Facebook message and a Twitter message. 

Social Media Presentations Handouts
Social Media PlanTemplate:  All of the notes and suggestions in this template are geared toward CACFP Sponsors.
#CACFP Social Media Guide: Not sure what to say about the CACFP?  This guide will help you and your messaging!

Focus on Nutrition
Focus On Nutrition Crossword Puzzle: Test your nutrition knowledge by finishing this crossword puzzle!
Tipsheet 11Kid Friendly Veggies And Fruits: Kid friendly fruits and veggies from my plate.  Check out this Tipsheet for good ideas.
Focus on Nutrition Puzzle Answer Key: The answer key to the nutrition crossword puzzle.  Check your answers but don't cheat!

Follow the Fire Ant and Weather the Storm
Fire Ant Pledge: Pledge yourself to help out fellow sponsors
Speed Dating Questions: Getting to know each other questions

Sponsoring Centers 101
Sponsoring Centers 101 Powerpoint
Class Outline - Sponsoring Centers with Minute Menu
Sponsoring Centers 101

Google Ads