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List of Featured Child Care Providers
Little Kelli's Playhouse (4/11/2012)
  Question from Samantha: What would you tell parents to look for when they are looking for quality child care?

Response from Kelli: "Always go with what feels right...find the program that fits your child’s or family needs best. Don’t try to conform your child to the program…find a program that with work with you or your child’s special or unique needs."
Kids In Motion (4/11/2012)
  "My favorite part about taking care of the children I provide care for is the smiles and hugs I receive at the end of the day from them at departure. Their smiles are very rewarding. I also love the fact that I have watched a few grow up, attend their high school graduation, have had them come work/volunteer for me, and brought their very own child to the very own daycare they attended."
Jacque Crocker (4/11/2012)
  "I am a nature lover and have a strong art and music fiber. I believe children in our society are too structured too soon and as a society we have lost our fantasy and imagination. In my program my favorite thing to do with my children is to spark that fantasy and imagination."

Jacqueline was also a key force in getting family child care providers recognized as professional teachers in the Jo-Ann's Teacher Appreciation Program.

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