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Provider Appreciation Day Thoughts, Resources and Ideas
Happy Provider Appreciation Day from Team Nutrition!
  Team Nutrition says Happy Provider Appreciation Day...
News Story for Provider Appreciation Day
  Watch this news clip about the importance of Provider Appreciation Day and some ideas of how you can appreciate your provider.
Child Care Providers - Thank You
  We appreciate you, let us count the ways...read them here!
List of Ideas for Provider Appreciation Day
  A thorough list of idea of what to do for Provider Appreciation Day from Child Care Choices.
  Need some certificates for Provider Appreciation day or Teacher Appreciation week? Find some here.
NAFCC - Provider Appreciation Day
  NAFCC's own Michele Gregorio has contacted Governors Christie and Coumo "with a request for them to issue a 2012 Provider Appreciation Day State proclamation."
More resources from ProviderAppreciationDay.org
  Find a template press release, previous press releases, parent testimonials, template certificates and a card about Provider Appreciation Day
Ideas for Organizations for Provider Appreciation Day
  Some ideas from the official Provider Appreciation Day website for Organizations...
Ideas for Parents for Provider Appreciation Day
  Some ideas from the official Provider Appreciation Day website for parents...
Parents Say...
  Parents appreciate and love their child care providers, find out what some parents in our community had to say about what they appreciate about their provider. Share what you appreciate in the comments section!

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Featured Providers
Little Kelli's Playhouse
  Question from Samantha: What would you tell parents to look for when they are looking for quality child care?

Response from Kelli: "Always go with what feels right...find the program that fits your child’s or family needs best. Don’t try to conform your child to the program…find a program that with work with you or your child’s special or unique needs."
Kids In Motion
  "My favorite part about taking care of the children I provide care for is the smiles and hugs I receive at the end of the day from them at departure. Their smiles are very rewarding. I also love the fact that I have watched a few grow up, attend their high school graduation, have had them come work/volunteer for me, and brought their very own child to the very own daycare they attended."
Jacque Crocker
  "I am a nature lover and have a strong art and music fiber. I believe children in our society are too structured too soon and as a society we have lost our fantasy and imagination. In my program my favorite thing to do with my children is to spark that fantasy and imagination."

Jacqueline was also a key force in getting family child care providers recognized as professional teachers in the Jo-Ann's Teacher Appreciation Program.

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Submit a story about a provider you appreciate, someone doing a great job, if you are a provider submit a story about someone appreciating you!  Provider appreciation day is to make people aware but we can continue to share stories throughout the year!

Submit a provider appreciation story!
What day?
What day is provider appreciation day?   It is always the Friday before Mother's Day!