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What Can I Find in Children' Place?
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Children Learning   Find articles about setting up a learning environment, sensory learning, documentation and so much more. All things that have to do with children learning and how you can help them do that can be found in Children Learning!
Multicultural Activities and Books   Looking for some ideas for multicultural activities? Find many ideas and how to execute them here, including some food focused ones you can use during one of your thematic lesson plans. Click on the title above to get to them!
Equipment, Play and Otherwise   In the equipment section you'll find some play equipment recommendations by Summer, our ECE expert and some from the community. Mostly focused on play equipment but can also feature other types of equipment used in the child care environment.
Literacy and Books   In the Books and Literacy you will find book recommendations and links for the children and a few for the caregivers. They are organized by season so it is easy for you to find what you are looking for when planning your themes. Some of the lists are also by topic. You can also find resources and information in regard to children's literacy.
Special Day/Seasonal Event   Special Days and Seasonal Events are always fun ways to plan your themes, lessons and activities around. Here is a calendar of some of the events we've gathered with resourceful links to help you incorporate the fun into your child care!
Block Play And It’s Importance in Early Education   Wooden blocks have become a staple in high quality preschools and early childhood environments. These popular manipulatives have a long history in the early education field and provide incredible insight into language, math skill, social skill, and the artistic and physical development of a child. This post will hopefully assist in understanding the array of developmental opportunities blocks can bring to a child as well as focus on the background of blocks (specifically unit blocks) and discuss how a child’s block play aids in the learning of each discipline.

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