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Written Instructions and FAQ
Listing Child Care Openings Help - Get an outlined walk-through of how to list an opening.  This works for the other classified categories too.  **Note for other categories there is no payment.  Payment is only for child care opening listings.  Items for exchange or sale are free to list.
Maximize Your Listings - Suggestions so you can get the most out of your classified/exchange listing on ChildCareInfo.com. They're easy and they work!
Child Care Openings on ChildCareInfo.com - Pay to list AND give back to your community.  Find out all of the benefits and how $25 for 6 months doesn't just help you but quality child care for all!
3 Minute Walk Through - How to Post a Listing
After pressing play, hover over bottom right corner of video to make full screen.

Blurry? Hover over the bottom of the video and click the sprocket to change the resolution to 720P!