It’s a Time of Transition

Summer is winding down and the school year is starting across the nation.  This is a big time for families and child care providers as children transition into preschool for the first time or are transition out of preschool and into Kindergarten!  Parents and children are learning how to say goodbye for extended periods of time.  Child care providers are saying goodbye to children who have been in their care for years.  The children are saying goodbye and looking ahead to meet a new teacher, be in a new place and meet new friends.  These transitions can be both difficult and exciting for each individual involved.  Below are some resources to help parents and caregivers with these big moments!

For Parents:

  • Transitioning to Kindergarten – NAEYC for Families provides some insight into what parents can do to appropriately prepare the child for this new phase; before, the day of and the first week of kindergarten.
  • 13 Tips for Starting Preschool – NAEYC for Families provides tips for starting preschool such as bedtime/wake up routines, book recommendations, prepping for being in the care of someone other than the parent and more.
  • 12 Ways to Say Goodbye – NAEYC for Families gives tips for parents saying goodbye to children including talking about feelings, establishing a predictable routine and sharing a few words of your child’s home language with the caregiver.

For Caregivers

For Everyone

The Early Care Knowledge and Learning Center has a great deal of resources and information for planning transitions of all kinds, including Kindergarten and Preschool!  Check it out here.

Do you have any resources or best practices to help with these transitions?

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