Preschool Kitchen Helper Tools

USDA says to “Get your preschooler to try new foods by having them help you in the kitchen. Kids feel good about doing something “grownup.” Give them small jobs to do. Praise their efforts. Children are less likely to reject foods that they help to make.”

This is a wonderful one-pager to show us how we can engage children age 2-5 in the kitchen according to their developmental abilities.  

Kitchen Helper Activities: These include measuring, wiping tables, adding ingredients and more.  You already implement all of these ideas?  This could be a great handout for parents to continue your work at home!

How do you engage children in the kitchen?

Other ideas:

  1. Help Make Snacks like these ones: Fruit Pizza and Tortilla Ice Cream
  2. Maybe handling food isn’t their thing…how about still engaging them in the process by having the set the table!  See video below.
  3. Purchase a kit such as Raddish Kids – Get a thematic cooking kit each month.  



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